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Holiday Point Marina, LLC

3774 Beach Drive Blvd • Edgewater, MD 21037

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Recycled/Waist Oils, Old Batteries,

and  Diesel fuel

If you have recycled/waste oil, or old batteries, please inform the office and we will help you rid of them.  If our services are not open, there is a battery box around the back of the building for you store the items above that you wish to recycle.  All oil and diesel is to be left in sealed containers and placed next to battery box.  


Photo Copyright: P Della Vecchia - 2009

Available Slips

Please call our office to inquiry regarding available boat slips.  Thanks.

There are (2) Pet Waste

stations for your convenience.  Please take advantage of the bags and

place waste in dumpster.

Pump-out Station:  The boat owner must bring the boat to the travel lift well for pump out.  We will no longer charge a fee for pump-outs, however, a $5.00+ “donation” to the well being of our employee would be greatly appreciated.  Porta-potty’s can be emptied into our holding tank.  The holding tank is located across from the big shop doors.

Dinghy’s:  We have a lot of dinghy’s around the point area of the marina.  It would be a great help if the owners could tag them with owner’s name, and/or let the office know which one is yours and where it is located.  Your help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.